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About Burmans:

Patients and physicians have relied on Burmans dedicated and knowledgeable team to assist with every step, from prescribing to final delivery. Our reputation for consistently going above and beyond the needs and expectations of patients was recognized by the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, who awarded Burmans Medical Supplies, Specialty Pharmacy, and Pharmacy with its prestigious Customer Service of the Year Award. We can say with confidence that we are at the top of our industry in caring for our patients and assisting physicians.




Burmans News:

Oct. 2014

"Take the Next Step... Specialty Therapy ManagementQS/1 Insightmag


Burmans, a specialty pharmacy, is guided by a big picture concept – reducing the burden of disease for patients, providers and the rest of society. John Regester, vice president of Burmans, focuses on translating this concept into daily operations that lead to success. Regester said, “In 2007, we set out to prove the impact specialized medication therapy management could have on patients. We aimed to demonstrate that combining an expect clinical pharmacy team with effective medications and efficient operations could have a groundbreaking effect on healthcare.”


Specialized medication therapy management is an approach where pharmacists, doctors and drug companies work together to take a targeted approach to tackle diseases that are not easily treated and require a strict regimen that must be followed diligently. Patients are required to follow the plan to the letter. The team of health professionals who take on specialized medication therapy management must have the same level of commitment as the patients. These treatments typically involve complex, high-cost drugs that, if not used...  Continue