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Burmans’ Home-To-Heal Discharge Program

Offering practical wound care supplies & practical solutions since 1989

BURMANS MEDICAL SUPPLIES – ASTON, PA –  90% of patients who are in the need of wound care supplies are discharged without a prescription.
When a discharge team fails to order the necessary wound care supplies, the chances of being readmitted are 2.5 times higher.

Considering surgical site infections (SSIs) are the #1 cause of hospital readmissions, it is critical to adopt a more collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to discharge planning and patient home recoveries.

Burmans Reaches out to Catheter Market

HME NEWS STAFF – BROOKHAVEN, Pa. – Burmans Medical Supplies has launched an outreach campaign aimed at the growing number of catheter users. The staff at Burmans is trained to deal discreetly with issues related to catheters, according to a press release. “While urinary issues are something most people eventually deal with, they are a very private issue—nobody is going to talk about it at a cocktail party,” Founder and CEO Steve Burman said. “We also offer all the leading product brands, handle insurance processing and provide free, inconspicuous shipping. No longer do patients in this region have to depend on big box national providers to ship products from who knows where and without Burmans’ host of services.”

Burmans Responds to Growing Demand

Burmans Medical Supplies Responds to Growing Demand with Outreach Campaign for Catheterization Issues. Hometown medical device provider’s trusted and accredited services end need for consumers to rely on big box national providers for their catheter essentials.